ReportsXpress for Oracle E-Business Suite


ReportsXpress (Rx) is a lean, effective and economic reporting solution for everyday business reporting needs like Interface monitoring, workflow errors, configurations, transaction listing,  operational and accounting reconciliations.


Reports are developed, deployed quicker with ReportsXpress, easier to change at a cost far lower than other reporting solutions.


ReportsXpress fulfills the gaps and issues raised by other Oracle reporting solutions like Oracle Reports, Discoverer, BI Analytics. ReportsXpress gives a flexible, scalable and economical solution for everyday reporting needs. It is the best value for your money.


We have compared ReportsXpress with other Oracle reporting solutions on few key factors, please check this out..

Reporting back to basics

ReportsXpress works on simple and basic principals of information retrieval with an added framework of security, user experience and simplified environment for the report deployment.


SQL Query is everything

Every organisation runs a tailor-made SQL queries directly against the database to retrieve the information. In fact majority of productive information needed by Business Users is produced using SQL queries. ReprotsXpress provides an innovative, secure and user friendly way of registering SQL queries as reports within Oracle E-Business Suite. Reports are shared with Users using an innovative access control method.


No Additional Hardware or Software investment required

ReportsXpress is a complementor add-on module to Oracle E-Business Suite. It lives and works your existing Oracle infrastrucure. No additional investment required, just install and ready to run.


User friendly

Users can run the reports with various output formats from a single user-friendly dashboard. No need to switch responsibilities and scrool through complex menu structures anymore to find a report you want.


With ReportsXpress finding a report you want across the ERP instance is literally 2 clicks away. Please watch Running a Report demo.



Develope & Deploy in a flash

ReportsXpress provides various data fillers and security functions that helps the Business Analysts write effective SQL queries to retrieve simple transactional listing to highly complicated reconciliations or high volume analysis reports.



Pre-bundled Reports

ReportsXpress comes with 100 pre-bundled ready-to-use Reports across Financials, Supply Chain and Enterprise Asset Management. Customer copy and modify these reports or write their own reports in no time.



Try ReportsXpress online

Please contact us to obtain login details to following Oracle environments to try ReportsXpress live.

 > ReportsXpress for Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10

 > ReportsXpress for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1, 12.1.3, 12.2


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Why ReportsXpress

In-time and accurate information out of the Business IT Systems is vital for Business users to keep up with the irresolute and competive environment today.


Over years, ERP systems evolved with great deal of functionalities in capturing data around almost every aspect of the business, but, the reporting capabilities are severly undermined. Developing and deploying new reports is complicated, expensive and time taking process. 


Organisations are spending significant amount of  IT resources and time in catering Business reporting needs. Most of these are straight forward data reports, needed to conduct everyday business operations effectively. 

Reporting solutions currently being used are hugely overkill, placing more burden and cost. Some examples of everyday reporting needs..


ReportsXpress is an agile and cost effective solution for everyday reporting needs. With all the boxes ticked around security, auditability and compliance; ReportsXpress assists Oracle customers in improving Business satisfaction, as well attain better returns on ERP investment.

We are here to save you Time & Money

We are committed to innovate to simplify the way things works and to lower the costs. Licensing Cost of using ReportsXpress is far lower and crystal clear compared any other reporting solutions in the market. No winding arounds and hidden costs.


ReportsXpress cost structure is far simpler than any other reporting solutions covering following offerings :


> Product Warranty Support

> 100 Pre-bundled ready-to-use Reports

> Product Upgrades (enhancements & new features)

> Expert assistance for your Business/ Technicals Analysts

> Access to our Online Reports Repository

> Consulting assistance in Oracle Web Technologies


Please contact us for a demonstration and quote to see what ReportsXpress can do to save your company time and money.

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